Our work

We offer tailored services to develop sustainable livelihoods, environmental and climate security, peace building, advocacy, biodiversity conservation, sustainable natural resources and environment management. Driven by existing demand, we facilitate processes and support for governments, international organizations, businesses and non-profit organizations in designing strategies to address the challenges of climate change.


The research results produced by EcoPaz South are an important part of our work and are directly related to our consulting and capacity building services. The research we offer has a wide spectrum, it can be basic or applied, of action and accompaniment, of policy and comparative legislation. We also propose case studies, the production of indicators and analytical reports, within the framework of interdisciplinary contexts.

We offer a practical tool for decision making in any type of organization. It is based on scientific evidence such as data, indicators, statistics and research. Our analytical reports allow us to present recommendations and are tailored to the matters of interest.

We analyze policy processes related to the environment, climate action and peace building as well as institutional and regulatory frameworks in these areas. We carry out (comparative) studies of South American countries, as well as problem and situation analyses. We use various participatory research approaches including stakeholders and our networks. Through a mapping of actors, we illustrate the interests, strategies and resources that they can use to be more effective and sustainable.


We have a team of experts and professionals with extensive experience in the South American region and in the issues we address in EcoPaz Sur. In this framework we propose:

We manage projects for our clients in a professional and efficient manner. Our services include the development and financial management of projects, project management is based on international quality standards and norms. We promote projects in the fields of environmental management, sustainable management of natural resources and climate action.

We support public and private clients, in developing and implementing more durable strategies in a complex environment of environmental and climate crises. In addition to concept development, our services include the development of comprehensive programs in dialogue with key stakeholders. We

also set an agenda for context-specific issues, new narratives and public policy initiatives.

We offer support in the conduct of environmental impact studies, which allows to evaluate the potential environmental impacts of a given project in advance. We will use internationally established methodologies with a technical, objective and interdisciplinary perspective.

Capacity building

We seek to strengthen the capacity for action of individuals, organizations and societies to use existing resources in an efficient and sustainable manner, proposing training as well as the transfer of technical and organizational knowledge.

Our offer proposes the design and execution of training programs under the format of workshops, the elaboration of educational curricula, the development of distance learning modules and training programs for leaders and future trainers in areas related to the environment, sustainable development and culture of peace.